Why…Because You Love It!

     I recently was blessed with a family vacation in Alaska. It was my first time there and I was in awe of the snow capped mountains, the natural beauty, the slower pace and the quaint fishing villages.  I imagined what it would be like to live there.

      When I arrived back in Highlands, I fell in love all over again.  This has been home for 38 years and I’ve always loved it here, but sometimes getting away puts things into perspective.  Counting my blessings, I realized that there has never been another place where I would rather live.

      Contemplating the TV shows I have watched about Alaskan real estate, I was reminded of home buyers scrambling to find a second home on remote islands, without bathrooms, running water or even electricity in some places.  Although daily living in the wilderness is not for most of us, there is only one reason why someone would want to live there….because they love it!

      In October of 1984, I came to Highlands for a three day get-away.  I was enamored with the mountains, the natural beauty, the slower pace and the quaint, friendly little town.  I moved here the next Spring and have never looked back.  Why…because I love it!

      Steeped in history, Highlands offers a rare combination of scenic beauty, ideal climate and a variety of outdoor recreational activities, all with a charming blend of cultural amenities, fine dining, specialty shops and choice accommodations.  Perhaps the greatest natural asset found in Highlands is the warm and welcoming spirit of its people.

      If you have been thinking about making Highlands a second or permanent home…why not now?  Time is ever changing and easily gets away from us.  Today is all we really have.  Take a look at the best real estate values we have seen in many years.  Why….because you love it!

Lynn Kimball Realtor

Lynn Kimball Broker

Highlands Newspaper     Investing at 4118 Feet         July 4, 2013

Contributed by:   Lynn Kimball,  Meadows Mountain Realty

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