Why Highlands? – Why Now?


Discussions of the real estate market these days are generally met with mournful sighs. Does this mean that property ownership should be discouraged?

Not according to our founding fathers. Have the mountains and specifically Highlands become a less desirable location? Those of us who have made a permanent or secondary home on this plateau would argue this point into eternity.

Let’s examine the definition of real estate.


Mountain Lake

  • absolute
  • concrete
  • irrefutable


  • property
  • person’s possessions
  • assets

Real property is a limited, absolute commodity in which location determines its value.

Although we are tempted to complain about the changing economy, some things have not changed. Location, location, location has always been the determining factor in real estate values and for the majority of successful businesses. Our town is still uniquely situated amongst one of the most beautiful and majestic lands of God’s creation. The climate remains ideal for those wanting to escape the summer heat. Steeped in history, our community has continually offered a rare combination of down-home comforts with a flair for the refined. And perhaps the greatest natural asset found in Highlands is the warm and welcoming spirit of its people. These are some of the many reasons we chose to come here and why others will continue to flock to our area.

Economists tell us that the real estate industry drives the economy. Real estate values in Highlands are the best they have been in many years, while interest rates are the lowest we have seen in this generation….offering a rare opportunity. Real property is the only commodity that is no longer being made and does not disappear. It is suggested that investment portfolios with a basis in real estate have the most stability and opportunity for growth. For all of the reasons stated above, the timing is perfect to make an investment in Highlands’ real future.

We are on the verge of our busiest and most visited season in Highlands. An optimistic attitude is essential to our success in business and all areas of life. Spring is an ideal time for new beginnings and fresh attitudes. Signature Properties wishes each and every one of you a joyous and prosperous season.

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