Highlands Real Estate, Pre-Listing Checklist

When it comes to Highlands real estate there is a pre-listing checklist that homeowners should go over once they have decided to sell a home.  From making an inventory or repairs to prepping the home for showings and everything in between, the more prepared a seller is the smoother the […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Homes, Staging Does Not Have to Break Bank

Staging does not have to break the bank when it comes to selling Highlands homes.  There are many inexpensive ways to pack a punch with a home when it comes to preparing it for showings.  Be prepared to spend some time and a little elbow grease and get your Highlands […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Homes, Don’t Make Mistake of Pricing Too High

Don’t make the mistake of pricing too high when selling Highlands real estate.  Pricing your home too high can leave it languishing on the market for far longer than you would like.  Fair market value is what buyers are looking for, while some buyers are still looking for the bargains […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Homes, Staging Makes Impact

When it comes to selling Highlands homes, staging makes an impact.  Staging and design are similar yet different.  The goal of staging is to maximize the use of your home’s space, show off its attributes and make it appealing to the masses.  In a nutshell, staging makes your home appealing […] Read more »

Selling Homes in Highlands NC, Windows Matter

When it comes to selling homes in Highlands NC, windows matter.  Prepping a home for sale involves a lot of elbow grease.  There is typically plenty of cleaning and de-cluttering to be done.   The idea behind getting your home ready is that it should absolutely look its best for potential […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Homes, Focus on the Outdoors

Selling Highlands homes involves a little focus on the outdoors.  Summer is a gorgeous time of year here on the Highlands Plateau, a time when people come from all over to experience the natural beauty of our area.  The flowers are in full bloom and the views are mesmerizing and […] Read more »