Highlands Vacation Homes Have Tax Benefits

Highlands Vacation Homes Have Tax Benefits Highlands vacation homes have tax benefits.  April is the month when people have taxes on their minds.  While the filing deadline has come and gone, whether you filed an extension or your 2016 taxes, you undoubtedly have deductions on your brain.  Knowing the deductions […] Read more »

Highlands Vacation Homes, Mortgages for Short Term Rentals

Mortgages for short term rentals and Highlands vacation homes often go together.  Knowing how much you intend to rent a property is important when applying for a loan.  This amount of time you will rent a home can mean the difference between a second home mortgage and an investment property […] Read more »

Vacation Homes in Highlands NC, Be Choosy When Renting

Be choosy when renting vacation homes in Highlands NC.  Your home is your castle, most likely one of your biggest investments, and as such should be loaned out with care.  Many homeowners in Highlands NC rent their homes when not in use, a great way to help offset expenses.  This […] Read more »

Highlands Vacation Home Rental, Save Your Receipts For Tax Time

If you own a Highlands vacation home rental make sure to save your receipts for tax time.  Rental properties may not have the same tax right-off capabilities as a primary residence but there are some and knowing what they are can help save you some money come April 15.  Your […] Read more »

Highlands NC Homes, Property Manager

Many owners of Highlands NC homes have a property manager or management company in place to look after things when they are out of town.  Vacation home owners who rent their property out when not in use are particularly drawn to property managers, ensuring their homes can be attended to […] Read more »

Highlands Vacation Homes Include Responsibilities

Highlands vacation homes include a list of responsibilities that buyers should be aware of as they undergo a property search. Vacation homes may need a property manager, HOA fees, and different maintenance than your primary residence. Property in a club, a home downtown, or a condo will all have different […] Read more »

Highlands Real Estate Vacation Home Market on Rebound

The vacation home market is on a rebound, great news for Highlands real estate. A stronger economy has more and more people feeling financial confidence which is translating into spending more money and making real estate investments. Vacation home markets around the nation are showing signs of strength and the […] Read more »

Highlands NC Real Estate, Buying Vacation Home

Much of the Highlands NC real estate market is comprised of second homes and buying a vacation home is different than buying a primary residence.  Getting to know the market is an important aspect of buying a second home and this can take some time as you may not be […] Read more »