Selling Highlands Real Estate, Price Matters

selling Highlands real estate

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Selling Highlands real estate, price matters.  The price of a home can attract buyers or repel buyers and the choice is up to you.  The Highlands real estate market is unique when compared to metro area markets.  The vacation home market has its own set of rules, governed solely by demand and the price that any given buyer is willing to pay.

When homes are priced too high they can languish on the market.  Similarly homes that are priced too low will undoubtedly attract bargain hunters quickly.  If you are selling your Highlands property the chances are that if you want to sell you should list it at fair market value. Of course, if you need to sell fast you have the opportunity to price your home lower than its value as well.

An interesting article in the Wall Street Journal, “Should Home Sellers Overprice or Underprice Real-Estate Listings?”, noted that in busy markets some brokers like to list homes for more than fair market value to attract higher offers from the start.  The article also noted that some brokers like to list at lower prices to incite bidding wars.  Either way you slice it pricing along these methods appears to be playing a game that could backfire, depending on the market.

An experienced Highlands REALTOR® will conduct a comparative market analysis (CMA) to arrive at a fair market value for your home.  This compares a range of data, including recent homes sales and an examination of similar homes currently listed for sale among other points.  Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn more about selling Highlands homes and let my knowledge and experience work to your advantage.

Click here to read “Should Home Sellers Overprice or Underprice Real-Estate Listings?” from The Wall Street Journal.


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