Selling Highlands Real Estate, Open House Great Tool

Selling Highlands Real Estate

Selling Highlands Real Estate

An open house is a great marketing tool when selling Highlands real estate. While the buyer of your home may not walk through your front door, you may very well get someone who knows a buyer for your home. In fact many open houses are targeted just for other Highlands realtors so that they can network with their client base. This makes preparing for an open house essential as you have an opportunity to make a solid impression.

Your Highlands REALTOR® should include holding open houses as part of her marketing plan. Ideally an open house will be held on a day when plenty of people will be in town, often held in conjunction with other open houses in your community. Set your home up for open house success by setting it apart from the competition.

An open house offers a great deal of exposure for your Highlands property, attracting potential buyers, friends of potential buyers and realtors. Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today for advice on selling your home. As an experienced Highlands REALTOR® my goal is to help my clients achieve selling success.

Click here to read “An Open House Can Close The Deal” from Realty Times.


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