Selling Highlands Real Estate, How Does Your Home Smell?

selling Highlands NC real estate

Lynn Kimball, selling homes in Highlands NC

If you are selling Highlands real estate, how does your home smell?  Odor and aroma have a big effect on potential buyers, having the power to turn them away.  Be objective and analyze the smell of your home, doing your best to make a change should one be necessary.

The worst smells for potential buyers include cigarette smoke, pet smells, incense, strongly scented candles and garbage, among others.  The smell of cigarette smoke can make it extremely hard to sell a home in Highlands NC, or anywhere for that matter.  The smoke smell permeates window treatments and carpeting and even gets into the walls.  There are companies that remediate the smell of smoke.

Pet smells are another potential turn off for buyers.  Whether it is cat litter or a dirty dog bed do your best to eliminate the source of the smell during showings of your Highlands home.  Not everyone loves pets and keeping them out of sight is important.  It is extremely important to take your personal tastes out of the picture when selling a home.

Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today for more information on selling Highlands real estate.  Having knowledge and experience on your side can help sell your home in a timely manner while capturing as close to asking price as possible.

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