Selling Highlands Real Estate, Every Detail Matters

selling Highlands real estate

Lynn Kimball, Highlands real estate

Every detail matters when it comes to selling Highlands real estate. In fact, even those spots that you may think are ok to overlook matter, like the kitchen sink. Do your best to prepare your home for showings with the goal of attracting buyers, followed by offers. Your Highlands REALTOR can be an invaluable asset in helping you look at your home with fresh eyes, helping you make sure everything is in its place.

When it comes to the kitchen sink the dishes are one thing, what lies underneath is another. The cabinet under the kitchen sink tends to be a place where items accumulate. Buyers will walk through your home and open drawers and doors. Your plates and dishes may be neatly stacked, but what about your sponges, cleaning cloths, dish liquid, and the like? Take the time to install the racks and shelves necessary to make even this overlooked spot appear useful and organized.

Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn more about selling homes in Highlands NC. I welcome the opportunity to update you on current market conditions while sharing a complimentary listing presentation at the same time. Let my knowledge and experience serve as your guide to selling Highlands real estate.

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