Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, What Matters Most?

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, What Matters Most?

selling Highlands NC real estate

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

When selling Highlands NC real estate it is important to ask yourself “what matters most?” There are many details that go into a home. As a result, it is hard to specify one thing that matters most. Preparing a home, marketing a home, and showing a home are all important when selling. However, the property itself should be the focus. A Highlands NC REALTOR will help offer advice on how to best prepare a home for sale.


Cleanliness is important when listing a Highlands NC home for sale. The cleaner a home is, the better. This requires a deep clean to start with as well as staying on top of cleaning while the home is on the market. Part of a clean home involves appearance as well as scent. Overwhelming odors can interfere with a potential buyer’s experience when looking at a home.

Be flexible

One incredibly important facet of selling a home is flexibility. Showings can pop up at any time and be available is important. You never know when a potential buyer will turn into a buyer and having a Highlands NC home available for last-minute showings is important. The key is to keep the home clean and have a plan for when the unexpected occurs.

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Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn more about selling a home in Highlands NC. I welcome the opportunity to update you on the market while sharing a complimentary listing presentation at the same time. Let my knowledge and experience serve as your guide to selling Highlands NC real estate.

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