Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Uniformity Pays Off

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Uniformity Pays Off

Selling Highlands NC real estate

Lynn Kimball, your guide to Highlands NC real estate

When it comes to selling Highlands NC real estate uniformity pays off. Design, color, and cleanliness are all a part of staging a home. Ultimately staging a home is a wise idea and this preparation pays off by attracting buyers. However, paying attention to each room and how they connect to one another is important as well. A Highlands NC REALTOR will be invaluable, helping advise a seller on how to get a home in selling shape.

Flow, appearance, layout

Whether a Highlands NC home for sale is empty or furnished, it should look its best and flow well. Neutral colors, simple design, and cleanliness all help a home when buyers are walking through. Likewise, dramatic design and surprises at every turn can turn buyers off. Additionally, every room should be prepared for its purpose. This means that a guest room should be furnished as such. For example, if a guest room is filled with craft supplies, office supplies, and storage, it can appear cluttered as opposed to multi-functional. Simple is always best when it comes to preparing a home for the market.

Exterior and interior

A home’s curb appeal lays the groundwork for what buyers can expect once they walk through the front door. As such, the transition should feel easy and seamless. It is important that the entrance reflect the overall character of what buyers will find inside. Likewise, once inside the rooms should flow effortlessly from one room to the next. This means that design should not be too surprising from room to room in terms of decor. Color is one way to tie everything together. Additionally, one remodeled space will stand out as will one room that has been overlooked.

Every space matters

Everything updated in a home is very different from one or two rooms being updated. For example, one updated bathroom is great but can make the others appear shabby and neglected. Take the time to make sure that every room is more or less of the same caliber. Inconsistency will make a home appear choppy.

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