Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Is Preparation Necessary for Online Showings?

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Is Preparation Necessary for Online Showings?

selling Highlands NC real estate
Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Many people selling Highlands NC real estate may ask “is preparation necessary for online showings?” After all, when people won’t be entering a home physically not everything is visible. While this is true, it is also equally important to prepare a home for all showings, online or otherwise. A virtual walkthrough may not show a dirty floor but it will certainly show unmade beds, messy closets, and a sink full of dishes. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will offer advice on how best to stay prepared for all showings.

Video walkthroughs are common

Video walkthroughs are more and more common these days. Many buyers are looking at homes and even putting offers on homes that they have never walked into. A buyer’s REALTOR will conduct a video walkthrough of a home, allowing a buyer to not only see it but also ask questions. While this does not negate the need to see a home in person it certainly offers a great option for buyers who are further away.

Prepare for virtual showings

Preparing a home for virtual showings the same way you would prepare for photos of a Highlands NC home for sale. This means that a home should be staged. Clean, get rid of clutter and have a home arranged in such a way that each room looks its best. Lights should be on and window treatments should be drawn so that every room is light-filled and bright. Likewise, the exterior spaces should be looking their best, including the front walkway, porches, decks, and yard. A virtual showing is a showing and the same amount of time should go into the home’s preparation.

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