Selling Highlands NC Homes, Clean and Germ-Free

Selling Highlands NC Homes, Clean and Germ-Free

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Selling Highlands NC homes still requires keeping a home clean and germ-free. COVID may be subsiding but one trend is here to stay and that is keeping a home clean and disinfected. Buyers want to walk through a home and feel safe and they also want to feel clean. A dirty, messy Highlands NC home for sale will have the opposite effect. Take the time necessary each day to wipe a home down and have it looking and smelling clean.

Pay attention to details

High-touch areas like knobs, handles, light switches, doors, drawers, and windows should all be wiped down daily. Likewise, kitchen and bathrooms counters should be clean and the kitchen sink should be empty of pots, pans, and dishes. Another spot to focus on should be the refrigerator. Buyers will open the door so make sure that the refrigerator looks clean and organized.

Best ingredients

Rubbing alcohol and bleach are two of the best ingredients for disinfecting surfaces. While there are myriad commercial products out there if you do not have any on hand you can always make your own. For example, if you have bleach on hand you can make a household cleaner by mixing 1/3 of a cup of bleach per one gallon of water. Similarly, you can use straight rubbing alcohol on surfaces, wiping them down with a cloth, or diluting the alcohol with water.

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