Remodeling Highlands NC Homes, Mixing Things Up

Remodeling Highlands NC Homes, Mixing Things Up

remodeling HIghlands NC homes
Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Mixing things up is often involved with remodeling Highlands NC homes. It is possible to add modern touches to a classic or traditional home. Combing old and new features can make a home more interesting. Many homeowners like the look of modern design but are not quite willing to embrace it wholly. Combining the best of both can certainly add appeal to a Highlands NC home.

The kitchen is a great example

A kitchen is a place that can offer a modern look in the most traditional of homes. Quartz, stone, concrete, granite, and marble can offer smooth clean lines on counters and backsplashes and instantly update a space. Likewise, appliances make a huge impact. Today many kitchen appliances are smart, offering the ability to control from a phone or tablet. The kitchen is a spot in a Highlands NC home where old and new can meld seamlessly and offer an updated look that holds great appeal.

Mix it up

A brand new modern home can benefit from traditional accents as well. Textiles and furniture can be used in sleek modern spaces to add interest to its design. Adding character and personality to a room is part of interior design. Personality does not have to evacuate a modern home and can perhaps make more of an impact. A unique mountain getaway can result from combining modern and traditional design.

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