Real estate sales are setting record highs for the past two years since our Highlands area recession hit hard in 2010. However, due to the vast inventory of unsold properties, average prices are the lowest points we have seen in many years.

You will be surprised at the number of incredible buys that have been made in Highlands. Although there are many more buyers, with so many available properties many sellers are getting tired of waiting. Many paid cash for their homes, but their time to be in Highlands has come and gone. With the market dragging since the recession, sellers are realizing that if they want to sell in the current market, they are looking at an average of 30% + less value.

This is driving the market prices down, but creating opportunities we thought we’d never see.
One of the greatest advantages to selling today is when you want to buy another property. If you sell now, you most likely will sell low, however if you re-purchase you will have many exceptional opportunities to buy at the lowest prices we’ve seen in many years. Chances are you will make out better financially in the end and can enjoy what you really want and/or need now, without waiting.

Do you own investment property? This may include commercial, vacant land or qualifying rental property. Maybe there is another property out there that has more advantages for income, a more suitable location or a better value today for potential appreciation in the future. If you sell low now, then purchase another qualifying property at an even better value, an additional advantage could be a 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. (only with advice from your qualified tax professional)

Another important advantage to buying today is that interest rates are still at record lows. Finding the right Realtor® is the key to your success. After taking the time to find someone you can trust…who is an experienced professional and knows the Highlands market, you can settle back and allow them to do what they do best…provide the service and expertise you need in buying or selling a property.

Lynn Kimball has over 41 years of real estate experience, with 30 years serving the Highlands Cashiers area. She has gained Emeritus Status with the National Association of Realtors and is currently serving as Vice President for the Highlands Cashiers Board of Realtors. Whether you are interested in searching properties or comprehensive information about our area, you are invited to visit her user friendly website at Meadows Mountain Realty has two locations, at 41 Church Street in the Old Edwards Inn complex or visit Lynn at her 2334 Cashiers Road location across from Highlands Falls Country Club. Lynn Kimball may be reached at 828-421-8193 or by email at

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By: Lynn Kimball

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