Preparing Highlands NC Homes For Sale, DIY Projects Can Pay Off

Preparing Highlands NC Homes For Sale, DIY Projects Can Pay Off

preparing Highlands NC homes for sale
Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC homes

DIY projects can pay off when preparing Highlands NC homes for sale. Many homeowners assume that only big-ticket projects add value to a home. However, the reality is that simple punch list items hold value too. When homeowners take on projects themselves there can be a higher return on investment (ROI). It is important to take stock when preparing to list a Highlands NC home, creating a list of what work should be done. From here a homeowner can decide what items he can tackle on his own.

Easy projects

Easy projects that a homeowner can tackle include deep cleaning, de-cluttering, and replacing the switch plates, door knobs, and drawer pulls. Tougher tasks may include painting walls and trim, replacing decking, and repairing screens. However, many homeowners are more than capable of tackling such tasks. Preparing a Highlands NC home for sale will always require work, whether you do it yourself or hire a professional.

Hire professionals when necessary

Homeowners should not take on projects that they cannot handle. The most important thing is that any work completed looks great. Additionally, it is important that any project completed is safe and up to code. Knowing what you can handle and what should be accomplished by a professional is essential!

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