I personally subscribe to a patriotism rooted in ideas that in turn gave birth to our country.   When I’m feeling patriotic, it’s these ideas that motivated the Founders and compelled them, in many instances, to put their lives, fortunes, and sacred honor on the line.

In reading the Declaration of Independence again, it’s all there. All men are created equal. They are endowed not by government but by their Creator with certain unalienable rights. Premier among those rights are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Government must be limited to protecting the peace and preserving our liberties, and doing so through the consent of the people.

During patriotic holidays, such as Memorial Day, Flag Day and Independence Day on July 4th, you will see a multitude of flags flying in Highlands.  In fact, you will see flags flying throughout the year.  Highlands is not only a unique and charming mountain town, it is a patriotic town which remains a true example of the Declaration of Independence, our American Constitution, and the Bill of Rights.

Freedom….understanding it, living it, teaching it and supporting those who are educating others about its principles is patriotism at its core.

Where many cities and towns have taken away the rights of the people, Highlands exemplifies freedom.   We are a small community knitted together with the understanding that in and because of our differences, each individual plays an important role.

The annual community Thanksgiving Dinner is served at no cost to all who attend. There are many folks and churches represented who come together on Main Street for the community’s annual Palm Sunday Service, the Easter Sunrise Service, and the Easter Egg Hunt. The Christmas Tree Lighting is complete with Christmas Carols, free hot chocolate and of course our own Santa Claus. The annual Christmas Parade includes a blend of local children and adults displaying their floats, talents, pets and a walking live Nativity scene with real camels.

The annual 4th of July celebration includes a delicious Rotary Club Barbecue, family games at the Ball Park with a display of the Town Fire Department ladder truck, the Mama Medical Helicopter, live music at the Kelsey-Hutchison Founders Park, plus an awesome display of fireworks after dark.

Highlands School (grades K – 12) still recites the Pledge of Allegiance.  The public is invited to student music events including songs with subjects from contemporary and patriotic to religious and spiritual observance.  Prayer is still allowed in accordance with our Bill of Rights which states freedom of religion….not freedom FROM religion. Unlike the Constitution, the Bill of Rights has never been amended.

Charity starts at home and Highlands has more charitable events and organizations than I have the space to name.

How does any of this relate to real estate?….. As a people, we have the freedom to own land and control it within the boundaries of the law.  Real estate is the backbone of our economy.  In Highlands, we have seen the extreme monetary appreciation of owning real estate and during the recent years of recession, some of the woes that have brought prices down.  Gratefully, our economy has stabilized and people are flocking in large numbers to discover the American dream of owning real estate in Highlands and becoming a part of our special community.

Some of the reasons I hear from visitors is that Highlands remains a safe environment from the crime and fear of potential terrorism found in big cities. It offers a refuge for those seeking a peaceful habitat in a naturally beautiful landscape with a mild climate.

Perhaps the greatest natural asset found in Highlands is the warm and welcoming spirit of its people.

These are some of the reasons why I moved to Highlands as a year-round resident over 31 years ago and I have never looked back.

Lynn Kimball has over 42 years of real estate experience, with 31 years serving the Highlands Cashiers area.  She has gained Emeritus Status with the National Association of Realtors and previously served as Director and Vice President for the Highlands Cashiers Board of Realtors.  Whether you are interested in searching properties or comprehensive information about our area, you are invited to visit her user friendly website at  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty has three locations, at 41 Church Street in the Old Edwards Inn complex, at 488 Main Street or visit Lynn at her 2334 Cashiers Road location across from Highlands Falls Country Club.  Lynn Kimball may be reached at 828-421-8193 or by email at

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