Over the past several years, the real estate industry has gone through a major transition.  The responsibility of the real estate agent has forever changed.  In the past, prospective buyers and sellers went to agents to obtain information.  Buyers needed to know which properties were on the market.  Sellers needed to know which properties had sold.

       Today, this information is available on a myriad of websites on the internet.  There are complete property descriptions, pictures, virtual tours, maps, public and local knowledge.  Since the information is available at the fingertips of anyone to access and use, agents are not generally hired to provide it.  So why does one need to hire a real estate agent? 

      Agents today need to be way ahead of the information by being prepared in this constantly changing market.  Agents are expected to keep current, to analyze and give advice and counsel.  Their job is to know which questions to ask and carefully listen to what clients are trying to reveal about themselves….specific needs for their personal situation.  Personal is the key.  The days of auto-generated emails sent to buyers with new listings, is impersonal.  Free CMA’s (comparable market analysis) that tell what houses used to sell for are worth the same as they cost.

      Because a wealth of information is available, clients are now looking for expert advice.  Confidence and certainty are improved by knowledge, which takes away a client’s concerns.  They want assistance in what is truly happening in the market and why.  They want expertise based on experience and knowledge to help them personally in all areas of buying or selling.  People don’t just automatically believe what you tell them.  They understand what the agent understands, in clear and concise terms.

      To wrap it up…..“Always look for an agent with the heart of a teacher, not the heart of a salesman” (Keeping Current Matters).


Contributed by Lynn Kimball, Broker

Meadows Mountain Realty

Lynn Kimball has 40 years of real estate experience, with 28 years serving the Highlands area.  Whether you are interested in searching properties or comprehensive information about our area, you are invited to visit her user friendly website at Meadows Mountain Realty has two locations, at 41 Church Street in the Old Edwards Inn complex or visit Lynn at 2334 Cashiers Road across from Highlands Falls Country Club.  Lynn Kimball can be reached at 828-421-8193 or by email at

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