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Anyone purchasing a home today is a well advised to have a Professional Home Inspection.  However, it is past time for Buyers and Sellers to use more perspective regarding the results of these Home Inspection Reports.  The following questions and information may be of interest to you.

“Home Inspectors are for the Buyers”:  This is true, especially when the buyer orders and pays for the inspection.  Most Buyers understand that it is to their advantage to share the Report with the Sellers so they can also understand the issues.  “For Sellers?”:  It is always helpful for a Seller to have an Inspection prior to putting their home on the market.  This allows the Seller to repair serious issues if need be, instead of losing a sale later…or at least they can understand pricing their home in a price range comparable to their home’s condition.

After the Inspection, “How Much Shall We Reduce our Offer?”:  Generally the offering price of a home is based on market value in its current condition, not in the condition of a new home.   Please remember…you are not buying a new home. A professional Realtor can give you a good idea of the comparable sales regarding the location, age and condition of a home.

“Home Inspectors are too Nitpicky and Will Identify Every Little Problem in a Home”:  Yes…but no.  Home Inspectors in NC are required to be licensed and are expected to notice as much a possible.  However, Buyers need to understand that the Inspector is only responsible for what is visible and in most cases they cannot predict the future.

“Is the Seller Responsible for Repairs?”:  Just because a reputable Home Inspector brings an Inspection showing every possible issue they can see in a home does not mean that the Seller is responsible for the repair.  Many pre-owned homes have issues, but again the Buyer needs to understand they are not buying a new home.  On the other hand…if the seller is happy with their Contract price, a Seller may want to consider ponying up some bucks for repairs.

“Are Home Inspectors using Scare Tactics?”: Why on God’s green earth would a Home Inspector want to use scare tactics such as suggesting to a buyer: hire a…structural engineer, an HVAC specialist, a septic system engineer, a well specialist, a roofer, an electrician, an environmental specialist???  As we have seen life move into such a litigious society, there is only one good reason in my opinion…they must cover themselves as they cannot be the professional regarding all things.  And most of them have never been licensed contractors.  Although the Buyer has every right to have any and all inspections during their Due Diligence Period, I have found that the majority of things on most Inspection Reports can be handled by a handyman.  This however, is always decided by the Buyer and/or Seller.

Between a Buyer and Seller, the Inspection is usually where the rubber hits the road.  However, it seems to make more sense to look at the whole picture.   A likely sale price in our area is between $300,000 up to $2,000,000.  I’ve seen Buyers and Sellers walk away from a sale for $600.00 worth of repairs.  What logic lies behind this?  Many of us are emotional people, each afraid of being taken advantage of, but it’s time for us to be free of this fear.  We can be free by being willing to look at the issues collectively from the perspective of each individual involved.  Just think…we can all be kinder people and “what a wonderful world this would be”.

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Lynn Kimball has over 43 years of real estate experience, with 31 years serving the Highlands Cashiers area.  She has gained Emeritus Status with the National Association of Realtors and previously served as a Director and Vice President for the Highlands Cashiers Board of Realtors.  Whether you are interested in searching properties or comprehensive information about our area, you are invited to visit her user friendly website at www.signatureproperties-nc.com.  Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices Meadows Mountain Realty has three locations, at 41 Church Street in the Old Edwards Inn complex, at 488 Main Street or visit Lynn at her 2334 Cashiers Road location across from Highlands Falls Country Club.  Lynn Kimball may be reached at 828-421-8193 or by email at Lynn@MeadowsMtnRealty.com




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