Hiking in Highlands NC, Secret Falls is a Treasure

Hiking in Highlands NC, Secret Falls is a Treasure

Secret Falls is a treasure and a must on your list for hiking in Highlands NC. Easily accessible this natural landmark is a short hike. Additionally, the falls can be enjoyed for viewing as well as for cooling off in the summer. The swimming hole at

hiking in Highalnds NC

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its base sees a lot of action during our hotter months! If you are out and about exploring the Highlands NC area don’t miss this stunning attraction!

Where is Secret Falls?

The falls are very close to Downtown, a short half-mile hike that starts at a trailhead off of Walking Stick Road. You can find Walking Stick Road as you head east out of Downtown Highlands NC on Horse Cove Road, the right-hand turn is approximately 4 miles east of town. The hike will lead you to the top of the falls, which offers a stunning view of the multi-tiered falls and the swimming hole below. The Secret Falls hike is clearly marked. While close to town, this hike will make you feel miles away.

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Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn about Highlands NC real estate and all that our area has to offer. There are so many opportunities to get outside and enjoy an active lifestyle. I welcome the opportunity to serve as your guide to the area and the market. Get outside and enjoy hiking in Highlands NC!

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