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Knowing when to renovate often goes hand in hand with owning Highlands real estate.  Renovating a home takes money, time, and often a dose of stress.  Is it better to renovate before listing a Highlands home for sale or to sell as is?  It is a good question and boils down to a few key elements.

If you have the time and money to renovate a dated home then you might want to consider it.  Taking this time can add value to your home.  Certainly if a home is dated you can not list it for the same price as if it were new or newly remodeled.  That being said, there is no guarantee that remodeling a home will enable you to recoup all of the remodeling costs.  If you are willing to gamble then it may be worth the risk.  The benefit to a dated home is that a buyer can purchase it for less and make his own imprint by remodeling it himself.

There is a lot involved in buying and selling Highlands real estate.  Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn more about current market conditions and let me share with you what buyers are looking for in homes in our area.  I welcome the opportunity o serve as your guide to real estate in Highlands NC.


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