Highlands Real Estate, Capitalize on Time of Year

Highlands real estate

Lynn Kimball, Highlands real estate

If you are selling Highlands real estate capitalize on the time of year.  Our area is bustling with activity at the moment and will stay active and full of visitors through the fall.  Now is a great time to hold an open house, especially if it can be timed around a local event.

In addition to timing an open house, now is the time to have your gardens lush and plentiful.  Homes in Highlands are known for having spectacular landscaping and if your home can show off its gardens you certainly add to its curb appeal.  If you have a particularly spectacular garden make sure to take photos that can be used in any marketing materials.

The old adage, make hay while the sun shines is certainly true when it comes to real estate.  Take advantage of the number of visitors currently in town and maximize the exposure of your Highlands property. As an experienced Highlands REALTOR® I welcome the opportunity to sit down and discuss the selling of your home, offering a complimentary listing presentation on steps I take to get homes sold.


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