Highlands Real Estate, Being Healthy Pays

Highlands real estate

Lynn KImball, Highlands real estate

Being healthy pays when it comes to Highlands real estate.  It is no secret that homes of the past were filled with unhealthy elements, from lead paint to asbestos.  Today home builders are making greener choices in homes and adding healthy elements wherever possible.  From using carpeting absent of formaldehyde to renewable flooring options like cork, flooring is one place where healthy choices are occurring.

If you are considering selling your Highlands property, take a look at your home’s health.  There are new appliances for homes that make life more sanitary, including touchless soap dispensers and touchless toilets.  New advances in home technology are designed to make living healthier by eliminating germs in the air and to the touch.  If you make changes to your home for the purpose of creating a healthier living situation make sure you flaunt it in your marketing materials.

Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today for more information on current home trends in Highlands NC. I welcome the opportunity to update you on current market conditions while filling you in on what buyers are looking for today.  Let my knowledge and experience work to your advantage for all of your Highlands real estate needs.

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