Highlands Newspaper Article- Sept. 30, 2010

Highlands Newspaper

September 30, 2010

Lynn Kimball, Owner/Broker

Signature Properties

I recently experienced the most difficult sales transaction of my 38 years in the real estate business.  I have found that emotional roller coasters always come with good lessons when we are honest and willing to look.  The following ones are worth sharing.

In this economy, buyers don’t come easy….in more ways than one.  They are few and far between and they come with high expectations of low prices.  With over 1700 residential and 1600 vacant land listings in the Highlands-Cashiers Multiple Listing Service, there have been 290 residential and 40 land sales over the past 12 months.  Anyone willing to step out and buy real estate in this uncertain economy deserves a good deal.  As a property owner, the market dictates that unless you are willing to sell low, you can save yourself a lot of time and frustration by leaving your property off the market.  If you decide to sell, it is important to realize the value of a buyer.  Put yourself in their place.  If you were buying right now, wouldn’t you want the best deal you could find?  Honor the fact that your property has attracted one of the few buyers who have such a large variety of properties to choose from.

For today’s buyer, a little sensitivity goes a long way.  Many sellers are in financial straits or at best their assets have been substantially reduced.  Selling can also be an emotionally draining experience.  Instead of adding insult to injury, try allowing a seller to maintain some dignity.  Be nice.  For instance, if a home is being sold furnished, allow the owner some leeway with items they’d like to keep.  Give them some flexibility with moving dates.  Don’t pick apart the home inspection asking for insignificant repairs.  Again, put yourself in their place.  Try a little kindness.

I you are a buyer or seller and find yourself dealing with a difficult personality in a sales transaction, keep your eye on the prize.  The truth is each needs the other in order to accomplish their goals.  When a person acts mean spirited or inflexible, it is usually a result of fear that someone is taking advantage of them.  In this day and time when most of us have been rattled by the effects of the economy, some understanding and compassion goes a long way.  Everyone will benefit in the end.

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