Highlands NC Vacation Homes, Sought-After Investment

Highlands NC Vacation Homes, Sought-After Investment

Highlands NC vacation homes
Lynn Kimball, your guide to Highlands NC real estate

Highlands NC vacation homes are a sought-after investment. Additionally, what was has traditionally been an individual investment is today seeing more activity from investment groups. Vacation home demand is big, fueled by the fact that so many people can work from anywhere these days. It is no surprise that the Highlands NC real estate market is seeing the effects of this.

Vacation home rental market is strong

The vacation home rental market is strong as a result of short-term rental demand. As a result, the opportunity to rent Highlands NC homes for the short term is fueling home sales. This enables individuals to purchase a home and rent it out when not in use. For investment groups this plan is equally solid, with higher incomes being seen from strong short term rentals than renting out long term.

Regulations not deterring investment

Many local governments across the nation are instituting regulations to keep short term renting in check. Short term rentals are having an impact on long term rental inventories. As a result many communities are trying to find a way to limit the effects that short term rentals have on local and workforce housing. However, this does not seem to be affecting vacation homes sales that are strong in Highlands NC as well as resort communities across the country.

Learn more about Highlands NC vacation homes

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