Highlands NC Real Estate, Repairs Before Listing

Highlands NC Real Estate, Repairs Before Listing

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Repairs should be made before listing Highlands NC real estate. A buyer will find out about broken items and anything in need of repair. As a result, taking care of these repairs ahead of time will avoid the inevitable. A pre-listing inspection can help avoid issues down the road and help a buyer to prepare a home for sale. A Highlands NC REALTOR will be a great resource for getting a home ready for showings.

Issues can derail a sale

Issues can derail a sale in a few ways. When a Highlands NC home for sale is clearly in need of repairs then it may linger on the market or receive lowball offers. Additionally, issues will arise as a result of a home inspection. In this instance, a buyer will request that repairs are made or that money is given at closing to take care of the repairs. One way or another a seller will likely end up making repairs or paying for them.

Avoiding repairs is possible

A seller can always sell a Highlands NC home as-is. This means that a home will be sold in its existing condition and repairs will not be offered or compensated for. In this case, most issues are revealed by the seller. Additionally, in this case, a home will typically be offered for less than market value. A seller may very well not have the time or the money to make repairs and therefore may offer a break on price in lieu of making these repairs.

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