Highlands NC Real Estate, Common Home Inspection Issues

Highlands NC Real Estate, Common Home Inspection Issues

Highlands NC real estate
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Buying and selling Highlands NC real estate goes hand-in-hand with common home inspection items. An awareness of these issues can help relieve some stress. Every home sale should include an inspection contingency, even when a home is being sold as-is. It is essential that a buyer knows the condition of a home. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will be able to inform buyers and sellers on what to expect from a home inspection.

Common home inspection issues include:

  • Plumbing – leaky pipes, dripping faucets, clogged drains, and poor water pressure. Many plumbing issues are easy to fix. Others can be more daunting, especially when leaking pipes have led to cabinet, floor, or ceiling damage.
  • Electrical – overloaded electrical panels, outlets and switches that don’t work, faulty wiring. Exposed wires and missing wire caps can be easily dealt with but older, faulty wiring could require an expert examination.
  • Structural – cracks in walls, ceilings, and floors, as well as sticky windows and doors can be a sign of something major.
  • Water – water damage can include mold, mildew, staining on the interior and exterior, and more. Proper drainage around a home is essential to wick water away from a home’s siding and foundation.
  • Roof – missing tiles or holes in a roof as well as the overall age and condition of a roof should always be examined. Roof replacement is a high dollar item.

Expert advice

Every home inspection will reveal issues. As a result, every buyer and seller should be prepared to further negotiate or make repairs. Additionally, buyers should consult experts when large issues are revealed or suspected. For example, foundation issues and roof replacements can be costly repairs. Knowing the exact extent of an issue as well as the cost of its repair is important when purchasing a Highlands NC home for sale.

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