Highlands NC Real Estate, Closing Table Final Step

Highlands NC Real Estate, Closing Table Final Step

Highlands NC real estate

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

The closing table is the final step in a Highlands NC real estate transaction. This is the step where documents are signed and ownership is transferred. However, this can also be where surprises take place. It is important to be prepared for the closing table to avoid the unexpected. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will provide information and documentation and it is important for buyers and sellers to listen, read, and understand the closing documents and associated costs.

The closing

The closing is when all of the sales documents are signed. At this point the final walkthrough has occurred. A buyer should never arrive at the closing table without having conducted this step. Ultimately, the final walkthrough reveals the condition of the home as it changes ownership. It is here that a buyer makes sure that any expected work has been completed and that everything included in the sale is still in place. Appliances, fixtures, and other items should be present unless excluded in the Highlands NC property sale agreement. A buyer should not sign the closing documents if the property is not in its expected and agreed-upon condition.


Closing documents include closing costs.  Prior to closing the settlement paperwork will be available. This paperwork should be read through ahead of time, allowing questions to be asked of a Highlands NC REALTOR. While negotiations will have already occurred, buyers and sellers can still be caught off guard by unexpected costs.

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