Highlands NC Real Estate, Climate Change

Highlands NC Real Estate, Climate Change

Highlands NC real estate

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One may not often associate Highlands NC real estate with climate change but a look at the environment does reveal some interesting things to consider when buying a home. This is true all over the nation and the world. At the extreme, changing weather and temperatures are causing floods and forest fires. While it is easy to feel removed from the effects of climate change, the reality is that the effects are felt in the real estate industry. Speak with an experienced Highlands NC REALTOR to learn more about our local climate and its effects on homeownership.

Climate change

Earth Day had everyone thinking about our planet and our communities. This is especially true in mountain communities where the lifestyle has a great outdoor focus. Enjoying the outdoors and outdoor activities is important to those of us lucky enough to call the mountains home. As a result, there is a strong desire to preserve the natural environment. It is also obvious how climate change is affecting the natural environment. Extremes tend to occur more often these days, with wild weather conditions creating extreme dryness or the opposite. This can have an effect on owners of Highlands NC homes.

How can climate change affect homeownership?

One noticeable effect that climate change has on owning a home is insurance. The increase in wildfires has pushed up insurance costs. While the North Carolina mountains may not make the headlines the way California, Colorado, and other western states do, it is not immune to wildfires. Fire risk is a big determining factor with homeowners insurance. Another determining factor for insurance rates is flood risk. Both flood risk and fire risk are tied to climate change.

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