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Highlands NC real estate

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Cash buying can be an asset when it comes to Highlands NC real estate.  When buying with cash the lending contingency can be omitted and as a result a stronger contract can be submitted.  A stronger contract could lead to a lower price, earlier closing, or a combination of things.

The important thing to remember is that buying a Highlands property with cash does not mean that a home cannot be financed after its purchase.  In fact, many buyers of luxury homes in Highlands pay cash and finance later, a great strategy to getting a property for less, speeding up the purchase process and freeing up the money afterward.

When the real estate bubble burst many deals were cash deals.  The trend has continued and many of today’s real estate transaction remain cash deals.  Much of this was the result of tighter lending but it also led to easier closings.

Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn more about buying Highlands real estate.  My knowledge and experience can help you get up to speed on current market conditions.  I welcome the opportunity to get you started on your home search and help you achieve as smooth a transaction as possible.

Click here to read “Nearly half of homes are purchased in cash” from Market Watch.


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