Highlands NC Homes, Vinyl Flooring is Versatile

Highlands NC Homes, Vinyl Flooring is Versatile

Highlands NC homes
Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

When it comes to choosing flooring for Highlands NC homes, vinyl flooring is a versatile option. Today’s vinyl flooring comes in a diverse array of options, with many of these options looking just like hardwood flooring. This enables homeowners to incorporate style and durability. If you are considering remodeling a Highlands NC home with an eye on flooring you will not be disappointed when searching for vinyl options.

Flooring makes a statement

Flooring is an important element in a Highlands NC home. While carpet offers comfort, many high-traffic areas benefit from hard surfaces. Vinyl is a wise choice for homeowners who love the look of hardwood flooring but require more durability for areas exposed to moisture or constant cleaning. Bathrooms and kitchens can wow with the hardwood of your choice, yet this hardwood will actually be vinyl, easy to clean, and sanitize.

Smart, durable, affordable

One of the greatest things about vinyl flooring is its durability and affordability, making it a smart choice. While tile is also easy to clean and attractive, vinyl is more forgiving when it comes to dropping hard items. Vinyl will not crack when items are dropped and might even keep these items from breaking. Today’s vinyl floor may look like wood, stone, cement, or tile. More often than not these options look like the real deal with the only way to tell otherwise being to bend down and touch it.

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