Highlands NC Homes, Value Found In Small Upgrades

Highlands NC Homes, Value Found In Small Upgrades

Highlands NC homes
Lynn Kimball, your guide to Highlands NC real estate

Value can be found in small upgrades to Highlands NC homes. While remodeling and renovating can be costly ventures to undertake, there are relatively small projects that pack a punch without a big hit to the budget. Most homeowners spruce up homes prior to listing them for sale. Take time to understand the impact of small projects and how they can help a Highlands NC home for sale.

Front door

A new front door is an easy and impactful home improvement project. After all, the front door is a home’s calling card. The options are to purchase a new door and have it installed or refresh the current door with a coat of stain or paint. Either way, you can have a new look for your Highlands NC home. Ultimately, this is a low-cost way to update a house.


Switching out lighting is another easy update for a home. This can include indoor and outdoor lighting. Replacing dated sconces, chandeliers, and recessed lighting with more modern options can add a wow factor. There are so many options and all you need to do is hire an electrician.

Fixtures and findings

Changing out fixtures in the bathrooms and kitchen, as well as findings like doorknobs, hinges, and drawer pulls is another value-added fix. This is perhaps the easiest and most affordable update for a home. Additionally, this is something most homeowners can tackle on their own. Adding value is a big part of homeownership, protecting the investment and helping tremendously when it comes time to sell.

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