Highlands NC Homes, Trends Come, Trends Go

Highlands NC Homes, Trends Come, Trends Go

Highlands NC homes

Lynn Kimball, answering all of your Highlands real estate questions

When it comes to Highlands NC homes trends come and trends go. Is determining whether trends are here to stay possible? Trends come in colors, patterns, materials, and more. Trends can even come in size. Think about McMansions and Tiny Homes. When you are remodeling with an eye on selling your goal is to make changes that have the most appeal. Sometimes this involves implementing trends, sometimes this means sticking with classics. Your Highlands REALTOR will be well aware of current home trends in the area as well as what buyers are looking for at the moment.

One current trend that we have seen before and has returned in all its glory is brass. Brass is being used for knobs and drawer pulls in kitchens and bathrooms. Does this mean you don’t have to replace the brass bathroom fixtures that were installed in your home in the seventies or eighties? Probably not. Today’s brass offers a modern update and a traditional feel at the same time. The question homeowners and designers are asking is, will brass last? The reality is that everything is out of date at some point but there is great likelihood that everything comes back into style eventually!

Contact me, Lynn Kimball, today to learn more about Highlands real estate. I welcome the opportunity to update you on current market conditions while sharing what I am seeing in terms of home trends at the moment. Let my knowledge and experience serve as your guide to Highlands NC homes.

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