Highlands NC Homes, Repair or Replace Appliances?

Highlands NC Homes, Repair or Replace Appliances?

Highlands NC homes

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Many owners of Highlands NC homes wonder, should they repair or replace appliances? It is a great question. How much effort should we put into keeping appliances alive? And, when should we call it quits? The answer is complicated because appliances have been difficult to find in recent years. Additionally, service technicians are fully booked out. As a result, patience is a necessity whether repairing or replacing!


Many homes in Highlands NC are older and, as a result, have older appliances. The age, condition, and availability of an appliance come into play when deciding whether repairing or replacing is in order. Furthermore, appliances become discontinued and sizes change. If a built-in ice maker can no longer be found in the same size then a homeowner is faced with a challenge. Is it worth renovating a kitchen to make room for a new size of a particular appliance? Can your current appliance be repaired?


The cost of a repair and the cost of a replacement should be weighed. As a general rule, the repair cost shouldn’t be more than half of the value of a new appliance. Likewise, is there a built-in value related to a new appliance? A new appliance will likely be more energy efficient than the older version. This can add value to energy consumption as well as reduce the carbon impact of a home.

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