Highlands NC Homes, Prepare for Winter

Highlands NC Homes, Prepare for Winter

Highlands NC homes

Lynn Kimball, Highlands real estate

Owners of Highlands NC homes need to prepare them for winter. While fall chores typically include raking leaves and clearing gutters there are important tasks that will help your home avoid major issues. Cold weather brings harsh problems. Frozen pipes and fires in chimneys are but two examples. The reality is that preparation helps avoid disasters. Your Highlands REALTOR will be a great asset in helping you understand what challenges the winter brings.

Winter brings freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. It is essential to be aware of the problems these conditions can cause while also learning how to avoid issues related to them. Heavy snow loads can collapse a roof. Does your roof have heat tape? Is it well-insulated? Frozen pipes can burst. Are your pipes insulated? If you will not be in your home you may want to have them drained. Your REALTOR should be able to recommend reputable local contractors to help you prepare your home for winter conditions.

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