Highlands NC Homes, Pay Attention

Highlands NC Homes, Pay Attention

Highlands NC homes
Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC homes

Pay attention when it comes to Highlands NC homes. Why? Because repairs matter. They matter even more when you are planning to sell a home. Ultimately, the visible need for repairs is different from the invisible, yet they both matter. The visible issues will be obvious to potential buyers, typically from the onset. The not-so visible issues will appear during the home inspection. A Highlands NC home for sale with issues will repel buyers or require a lower asking price.

Visible issues

Visible issues are the obvious ones. On the exterior, this can include peeling paint, torn or missing screens, missing shingles, and anything that looks in disrepair. On the interior, this could be stained flooring, chipped tile, crack in walls or ceilings, and other things that stand out. Walking around a Highland NC home with a fresh set of eyes can reveal issues, some easy to take care of and others a little more intensive.

Not-so-visible issues

The issues that are not glaring may include leaks in a sink cabinet, a broken dishwasher, or a window that doesn’t open and close easily. These are issues that will probably not be noticed the first time a potential buyer walks through a home. Likewise, a cracked foundation or missing roof shingles will probably go unnoticed. However, these are issues that should appear on a home inspection report. Taking care of issues is an important part of protecting a Highlands NC real estate investment.

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