Highlands NC Homes, Outdoor Kitchens Add Wow Factor

Highlands NC Homes, Outdoor Kitchens Add Wow Factor

Highlands NC homes

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Outdoor kitchens add a wow factor when it comes to Highlands NC homes. An outdoor kitchen can be simple or as functional as the indoor version. Regardless, having outdoor cooking space is a coveted amenity in our mountain community. Additionally, renovating outdoor space and including a kitchen can add value to a Highlands NC home. And, this is something to consider when preparing to list a home for sale.

Outdoor kitchens run the gamut

A built-in grill with counter space to hold trays and tools while also assisting with preparation is great for any Highlands NC home. However, when there is cabinet space, a refrigerator, and a stovetop in addition to a grill, then a true outdoor kitchen has been created. Ultimately, the amount of space combined with a budget will be the deciding factor when planning an outdoor kitchen. Take the time to look online and see a myriad of ideas on sites like Pinterest and Houzz.

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