Highlands NC Homes, Multi-Purpose Rooms Pack a Punch

Highlands NC Homes, Multi-Purpose Rooms Pack a Punch

Highlands NC homes
Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

When it comes to Highlands NC homes, multi-purpose rooms pack a punch. The more useful a room the better. Many homes in our mountain area are vacation homes. This means that people are coming and going and sometimes there may be a few people and other times there may be many, with extra guests and family members. As such, creative uses for space can make a great impact on a Highlands NC home.

What is a multi-purpose room?

A great example of a room with versatility is often an attic or a basement. These rooms can serve as offices, game rooms, media rooms, and guest rooms. They can be used for different things at different times. Often a guest room in a Highlands NC home can be an office, craft room, or reading room when not being used by guests. Versatility enables a homeowner to use a room for different purposes rather than letting a room sit empty and unused.

Tips for versatility

The addition of a Murphy bed is a great example of how to add versatility to a room. This is a bed that folds into the wall and can be pulled down when needed. When in the wall it can serve as a design piece as well. Many have shelving or desk components that help them serve another purpose other than just a bed. Likewise, furniture that is moveable is helpful in a multi-purpose room.

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