Highlands NC Homes, Is Tile Taking Over?

Highlands NC Homes, Is Tile Taking Over?

Highlands NC homes

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Trends come and go when it comes to Highlands NC homes and flooring is no exception. In this area where options abound is tile taking over? Tile has evolved in such a way that stone and wood are replicated to look real. Of course, tile is also easy to clean as well, which makes its appeal rise exponentially. Many owners make improvements to flooring prior to listing a Highlands NC home for sale and tile offers a great option.

Why tile?

Tile is great in rooms that see a lot of wear and tear, like bathrooms, kitchens, and mudrooms. These rooms typically see more water which takes its toll on a floor. Additionally, tile does not show wear and tear the same way carpet and hardwood options do. Tile is tough to scratch, although it can crack when hard items are dropped. Tile makes sense in an entry or mudroom as well, where dirty shoes and messy gear are common.

Will tile take over?

As durable as tile is and as stylish as it has become, hardwood flooring remains a draw in a Highlands NC home. Hardwood flooring in living rooms, dining rooms, hallways, and the like remains desirable for buyers. While it is hard to see tile replacing wood options it can certainly make sense in many areas of a home.

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