Highlands NC Home Trends, Is Open Concept Going Away?

Highlands NC Home Trends, Is Open Concept Going Away?

Highlands NC home trends

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Highlands NC home trends come and go and one current question is whether the open concept layout is going away? Apparently, the amount of time people are spending at home these days has everyone craving privacy. This means people want a space where they can close a door and be alone. Yet, is this different for a vacation home? People come to Highlands NC to enjoy time together. Perhaps the trend of veering away from the open concept is simply for the primary residence.

Vacation homes are used more now than ever

Highlands NC vacation homes are more coveted than ever. People are able to work remotely which means they can work from anywhere they have internet connectivity. As a result, vacation homes are filled with their owners. This may certainly create the desire to have home office spaces enhanced and more privacy so that adults can get their work done in peace and children can focus on schoolwork.

Everything is being done at home

Today, home is where many things get done. This includes working and working out, among other things. Of course, many other activates will take place as well. All of this requires balance. Additionally, this may require dedicated spaces so that picking things up and putting things away doesn’t have to happen multiple times a day. Livability is a priority for everyone.

Learn more about Highlands NC home trends

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