Highlands NC Community Can Learn About Nature

Highlands NC Community Can Learn About Nature

Highlands NC community

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The Highlands NC community can learn about nature. In fact, there are multiple opportunities to learn about the environment, plants, and animals that make our area home. People are drawn to the Highlands Plateau because of the great outdoors and the lifestyle the mountains afford. Learning about the area adds to our appreciation. The Highlands Biological Station is one entity that helps residents and visitors alike learn more about nature.

What is the Highlands Biological Station?

The Highlands Biological Station is a fabulous amenity for the community that enables visitors to learn, students to study, and research to be conducted. It is a research and teaching laboratory, a nature center, botanical gardens, and a foundation. The station protects the environment and helps foster an appreciation for the natural environment that exists in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains. Classes run the gamut, from learning about mushrooms to learning about birds and everything in between.

Gardens open during COVID

In-person classes are canceled this summer due to COVID but there are online classes available. Additionally, the Botanical Gardens are open for anyone who would like to wander through and learn on their own. The gardens demonstrate the unique and diverse flora of our area. The trail network is open from dawn to dusk every day and is free. This is a great way to get familiar with the true beauty and natural wonder of the Highlands NC area.

Learn more about the Highlands NC community

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