Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Skip Inspection

Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Skip Inspection

buying Highlands NC real estate
Lynn Kimball, your guide to Highlands NC real estate

Don’t skip the inspection when buying Highlands NC real estate. While there is no law requiring a home inspection, it is a contingency that is a part of most purchase contracts. Even buyers purchasing a remodel or an as-is home should have the inspection. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will ensure that a contract includes a host of contingencies to protect the buyer and his investment.

Importance of a home inspection

A home inspection ensures that a buyer understands the condition of a Highlands NC home. Additionally, it is important to understand that every inspection report, even on a brand new home, will reveal items that require attention. However, often these items are small. Big items will require a deeper examination, like issues with the roof or foundation. In short, a home inspection will help a buyer make a sound investment and avoid being caught off guard by issues, big or small.

Can you skip the inspection?

A buyer can absolutely skip a home inspection. While not recommended, it is possible. In a hot market buyers often omit contingencies in an effort to have an offer stand out. If a home is going to be completely razed then an inspection may not be necessary. However, even a Highlands NC home being sold as-is to remodel should have an inspection. Underlying issues could turn a fixer-upper opportunity into a real money pit.

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