Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Miss Final Walkthrough

Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Miss Final Walkthrough

buying Highlands NC real estate

Lynn Kimball, Highlands NC real estate

Don’t miss the final walkthrough when buying Highlands NC real estate. The final walkthrough is the last step made prior to closing. Ultimately, this is when a buyer ensures that the home being purchased is in the condition that it is expected to be in. No buyer wants to be caught off guard when he walks into a Highlands NC home as the owner for the first time!

What to look for

Most Highlands NC real estate transactions have some issues to repair as the result of the home inspection. Additionally, many home sales include a list of inclusions and exclusions. When walking through a home during the final walkthrough a buyer should makes sure that everything expected to be in the home is in the home. Likewise, a buyer should ensure that every promised repair has been made.

Mistakes happen

There are issues that can occur during the final walkthrough of a Highlands NC home. For example, a seller may take an appliance and replace it with a less expensive version. Or a contract to purchase a Highlands NC home for sale might include the window treatments but an owner may take them. Sometimes these mistakes occur by accident and sometimes they are intentional. Ultimately, the final walkthrough provides an opportunity to make sure a buyer understands the condition of the home prior to signing the closing documents.

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