Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Documents Matter

Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Documents Matter

buying Highlands NC real estate

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Documents matter when buying Highlands NC real estate. Whether buying in a gated community or condo association, there will be documents tied to a property. This may include a schedule of dues and fees as well as rules and regulations. Additionally, every association will have capital improvement schedules and possibly debt. The more you know the more prepared you will be. An experienced Highlands NC REALTOR will make sure that buyers receive all of the necessary documents are provided and reading through them is important.

Due diligence important

The due diligence period is an important part of the buying puzzle. This is where a buyer learns everything he can about a Highlands NC property once it is under contract. This includes learning the condition of a home as well as any encumbrances tied to a home. This is also when all documents tied to a home are delivered. This includes the condo and/or HOA docs. Condo associations have a variety of responsibilities, including maintenance, landscaping, and capital improvements. Reading these documents will reveal what areas are common property and which will belong to you.

Details matter

Details matter when buying a Highlands NC property. For example, you may be buying a home with an eye on renting it when not in use. The condo docs may reveal that short-term rentals are not allowed. Likewise, you may have a dog and the association you are buying into does not allow dogs. Rules and regulations can affect many aspects of owning including remodeling rules, paint color, and more. Likewise, it is important to understand an association’s finances. Assessments are not uncommon and no one wants to be caught off guard by unexpected expenses.

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