Selling Highlands NC Real Estate Involves Preparation

Selling Highlands NC real estate involves preparation.  This comes as no surprise but it is always a great reminder when you decide the time has come to sell.  The important thing is to prioritize your preparation, understanding that certain things are must-do, others are important but less-so.  Sit down with […] Read more »

Octoberfest in Highlands NC Offers Arts Market

Octoberfest in Highlands NC offers an arts and craft market, a great place to find something unique for your home while enjoying fabulous fall weather.  This is absolutely the place to purchase decorations for your Highlands home.  In addition there will be home baked goods, jams and jellies, and so […] Read more »

Highlands NC Real Estate, Home Inspection Basics

It is important to understand home inspection basics when buying Highlands NC real estate.  Home inspections are an integral part of the purchase process and should always be a contingency in a contract, unless perhaps a home is expected to be torn down. Even in instances when a home is […] Read more »

Highlands NC Community Enjoys Live Music Friday

The Highlands NC community enjoys live music this Friday.  Friday Night Live is everyone’s favorite weekly event and this Friday is no exception.  This week the Johnny Webb Band will be entertaining us all with country music.  As we wind our way through September we need to take advantage of […] Read more »

Highlands NC Real Estate, Importance of Location

Many people weigh the importance of location related to Highlands NC real estate.  After all, is there a bad location in our beautiful area?  In many ways location is different here compared with a metropolitan area.  In the Highlands area some buyers are looking for a gated community where others […] Read more »