Highlands NC Real Estate, Think Hard Before DIY

If you own Highlands NC real estate think hard before you tackle a DIY project.  Any home improvements have the opportunity to enhance the value of your home but they can also detract from your home as well.  Some home improvement projects are easier than others and those that truly […] Read more »

Highlands NC Real Estate, Need Inspector?

Do you need a home inspector when buying Highlands NC real estate?  It’s a good question, after-all there are plenty of builders in town, not to mention plumbers, roofers, and electricians who can inspect elements of a home.  Does it make sense to hire a variety of experts or one […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Real Estate, Market Outdoor Features

Market the outdoor features of your home when selling Highlands real estate.  Research  shows that outdoor features for a home are coveted by home buyers.  Here in Highlands NC we are in an area where people are naturally drawn tot he outdoors.  Many homes have wonderful decks and patios and […] Read more »

Highlands Vacation Home Rental, Save Your Receipts For Tax Time

If you own a Highlands vacation home rental make sure to save your receipts for tax time.  Rental properties may not have the same tax right-off capabilities as a primary residence but there are some and knowing what they are can help save you some money come April 15.  Your […] Read more »