Selling Highlands Real Estate, Use the Season to Your Advantage

Use the season to your advantage when selling Highlands real estate.  Every time of year has something special about it and this can be used in the staging of your home.  In the summer the Highlands NC area is ripe with gorgeous flowers and the landscaping outside of your home […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Real Estate, Take Time to Prep Home for Photos

Take the time to prep your home for photos when selling Highlands real estate. Photos matter when selling a home, in fact they matter a lot. Most buyers start their search for a Highlands property online and great photos will grab their attention where poor photos could mean your home […] Read more »

Buying Highlands Real Estate, Bargain Not Always A Bargain

A bargain is not always a bargain when buying Highlands real estate.  The old saying “if it seems too good to be true it probably is” is a good one to remember when you stumble across a real estate bargain.  What may not cost a lot on the onset can […] Read more »

Buying Highlands NC Real Estate, Condo or House?

If you are buying Highlands NC real estate are you wondering should you buy a condo or a house?  It’s a good question and one best answered if you truly understand the difference and what works best with your wants and needs.  There are pros and cons to both and […] Read more »

Highlands Real Estate, Home Buying Made Easy

When it comes to Highlands real estate, home buying can be made easy.  The more you educate yourself on the process and the more prepared you are the smoother the process will be.  Whether you are a first time home buyer or going through the process again, the same steps […] Read more »