Highlands Real Estate, Pre-Listing Checklist

When it comes to Highlands real estate there is a pre-listing checklist that homeowners should go over once they have decided to sell a home.  From making an inventory or repairs to prepping the home for showings and everything in between, the more prepared a seller is the smoother the […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Real Estate, Cleaning Adds Value

Cleaning adds value when it comes to selling Highlands real estate.  In the same token, a messy home can certainly lose value by instantly turning buyers away.  If you do nothing else to prepare your home for sale spend the time and elbow grease to make your home sparkle.  Clean […] Read more »

Highlands NC Homes, Small Remodeling Jobs Pay Off

When it comes to making improvements to Highlands NC homes small remodeling jobs may pay off better than big ones. Aside from the fact that smaller projects cost less the overall return on the investment turns out to be a bit healthier. If you can tackle a small project and […] Read more »

Buying Highlands Real Estate, Preparation Key

Preparation is key to taking the stress out of buying Highlands real estate.  If you have your heart set on a vacation home and have yet to find the perfect fit it can be especially stressful because it means for more scheduled trips.  Having an experienced Highlands REALTOR® on your […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Real Estate, Interview Realtors

When selling Highlands real estate interview realtors prior to listing your home.  While you may have a particular REALTOR® in mind with whom you would like to work it is still a good idea to speak with a few.  Having a clear picture of the market, what homes are selling […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Homes, Staging Does Not Have to Break Bank

Staging does not have to break the bank when it comes to selling Highlands homes.  There are many inexpensive ways to pack a punch with a home when it comes to preparing it for showings.  Be prepared to spend some time and a little elbow grease and get your Highlands […] Read more »

Buying Highlands Real Estate, Get Pre-Approved

Get pre-approved prior to starting the process of buying Highlands real estate. Pre-approval is one of the most important steps of buying a home, unless a loan will not be used to purchase the home that is. Many sellers today will not even look at an offer if a pre-approval […] Read more »