Selling Highlands Real Estate, Pricing Strategy

Pricing strategy is a big part of selling Highlands real estate.  While pricing a home is completely individual and local, there are some common threads that span across all markets.  When it all boils down a Highlands REALTOR® will recommend a value for your home based on an analysis of […] Read more »

Buying Highlands Real Estate, Choose Reputable Inspector

When buying Highlands real estate it is important to choose a reputable home inspector.  The home inspection is a very important part of the buying process, ensuring that you know exactly what you are getting into come closing day.  Your Highlands REALTOR® is a valuable asset in helping you pick […] Read more »

Highlands Real Estate Spotlight: 164 Wyanoak Drive

This week’s Highlands real estate spotlight is on a charming cottage located at 164 Wyanoak Drive.  The cottage offers a perfect mountain getaway, oozing with charm in an idyllic setting with great mountain views.  If you have been looking for a mountain getaway in Highlands NC, 164 Wyanoak Drive is […] Read more »

Highlands NC Real Estate, Buyers Benefit From Today’s Low Rates

Buyers of Highlands NC real estate benefit tremendously from today’s low rates.  Rates are currently hovering between 4.1% and 4.2% for a traditional 30 year fixed rate loan.  The historic average is over 8% and today’s low rate overs a significant savings over the lifetime of a loan.  This affordability […] Read more »

Highlands Real Estate, Capitalize on Time of Year

If you are selling Highlands real estate capitalize on the time of year.  Our area is bustling with activity at the moment and will stay active and full of visitors through the fall.  Now is a great time to hold an open house, especially if it can be timed around […] Read more »