Selling Highlands Real Estate, Highlight Location

Highlight your location when selling Highlands real estate.  The number one rule in real estate is location.  Here in the Highlands NC area we definitely have location, but the important thing to remember is that every buyer is looking for something different.  Make sure you market the importance of your […] Read more »

Highlands Realtor Essential When Searching for Investment

A Highlands REALTOR® can be essential when searching for investment property.  Whether you intend on renting out a property, using it exclusively, or a combination buying a Highlands home is a big investment and knowing exactly what you are buying and how it compares to the rest of the market […] Read more »

Highlands NC Real Estate, Great Condo in Convenient Location

Looking to buy Highlands NC real estate?  I have a great condo listed for sale in a convenient location.  This quaint 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo is located a short two block walk from Main Street at 510 N 5th Street.  Extremely affordable this condo also offers the opportunity for […] Read more »

Lower Down Payments, Highlands Vacation Homes

Lower down payments could boost sales of Highlands vacation homes. Lending practices seem to always be changing these days, much of which means that standards are loosening to make borrowing money more attractive for potential home buyers.  This does not mean we are returning to practices that got us into […] Read more »

Selling Highlands NC Real Estate, Don’t Forget Basics

Don’t forget the basics when selling your Highlands NC real estate.  Sometimes we get so caught up in trends, wants and needs we can overlook the simple.  The Highlands NC real estate market is a competitive one and setting yourself apart form the competition is extremely important. So, what are […] Read more »