Highlands NC Homes, Outdoor Kitchens are In

A look at Highlands homes demonstrates that outdoor kitchens are “in”.  Let’s face it, many of us moved here or bought a Highlands vacation home because we love the outdoors.  The outdoor fireplaces many have installed on their decks are evidence that we want to spend as much time outside, […] Read more »


Highlands Newspaper Lynn Kimball, Broker Investing at 4118 Feet May 23, 2013 Contributed by Lynn Kimball Meadows Mountain Realty At certain times in our lives, most of us will make major lifestyle changes. Changes require much consideration, especially in the changing world of real estate. These financial decisions are usually […] Read more »

Highlands Real Estate, Inspections Important

Inspections are an important part of buying Highlands real estate.  Knowing exactly what you are getting into with any given home is much better than being blindsided after moving in.  Finding issues with a Highlands property does not have to mean the termination of a contract but it can add […] Read more »

Selling Highlands Real Estate, Open House Great Tool

An open house is a great marketing tool when selling Highlands real estate. While the buyer of your home may not walk through your front door, you may very well get someone who knows a buyer for your home. In fact many open houses are targeted just for other Highlands […] Read more »

Client Recommendation for Lynn Kimball, Broker

Lynn Kimball Broker

We first met Lynn in September, 2012, after much discussion by e-mail and phone as to the type of home and price range we were interested in finding.  She was always responsive and showed us a range of homes that would be a good fit for us.  After returning home, […] Read more »